About Chase

On July 22, 2010 two yr old Chase Prince was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (a.k.a. ALL).  Just like any two year old, Chase is happy and full of energy or, as his parents would say, “bouncing off the walls."

The Sunday before being diagnosed, Chase's Parents, Dani and Ashton, had noticed that Chase was extra tired and was asking for naps.  Also, he was having pain on his left side. Something just wasn’t right.

On Wednesday Dani had a doctor’s appt. and decided to take Chase in with her.  The doctor could feel that Chase's spleen was enlarged and wanted to run some tests.  Dani had the car packed up to travel up up North to be with family.  They headed up North as planned and as they got nearer to Salt Lake Dani got the call from the Doc.  He said to head to Primary Children’s Hospital so they could run more tests.   It wasn’t long after checking into the ER that they admitted him and started him on an IV.  By the next morning, they knew that Chase had ALL.  They got a bone marrow sample, did a lumbar puncture, put chemotherapy into his CNS and then put in a port.  The beginning of a long road ahead began.

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